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Rebecca Kleven, Secretary                                                                                                                                         

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Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Issues 2022-2023

District and School Report Cards


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Information for Parents on District and School Report Cards for the 2022-2023 School Year 

On November 14, 2023,  the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) issued a District and School Report Card for your child’s school and for every public school and district in Wisconsin. The School Report Card, using multiple measures of student learning, is based on data primarily from the previous school year. The School Report Card is meant to help parents understand how their child’s school is doing and help schools identify where they can improve to help all children learn, advance to the next grade, and graduate from high school on time. In the Oshkosh Area School District, our goal is to help every student be College, Career, and Community Ready. To learn more about the Oshkosh Area School District’s overall score for the 2022-2023 school year, CLICK HERE

 The current school report card is primarily based on last year’s performance during the 2022-23 school year. At the foundation of the report cards are four priority areas. Schools and districts receive a score for each priority area:

  • Achievement - proficiency in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics on the annual state assessments

  • Growth - year-to-year progress in ELA and math achievement

  • Target Group Outcomes - outcomes for students with the lowest test scores: the Target Group

  • On-Track to Graduation - reliable predictors of how successfully students are progressing toward completing their K-12 education

The priority area scores are aggregated into an overall accountability score, from 0 to 100. This score is displayed on the front page of the school or district report card. It is important to note that the 0 to 100 accountability score is not a “percent correct” measurement. Based on its score, a school or district receives one of five rating categories, from Fails to Meet Expectations to Significantly Exceeds Expectations, as well as corresponding one to five stars.

Schools and districts are also evaluated on their level of student engagement – test participation rates, chronic absenteeism rates, and graduation rates when applicable. Based on its score, a school or district receives one of five overall rating categories, from Fails to Meet Expectations to Significantly Exceeds Expectations, as well as one to five stars.

 Franklin was placed in the Exceeds Expectations category with an overall score of 71.0 for the 2022-2023 school year.  Our category was the same as compared to our last state report card.

 All Report Cards can be  accessed online at along with resources that explain the report cards. The School Report Card for Franklin can be viewed at the following link:   Franklin Report Card 2022-23

The Oshkosh Area School District continues to work on improving student learning for all children by updating curriculum and instructional practices, implementing high-quality professional development, and implementing high-quality programming that meets the needs of all of our children and the community.  


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Community Happenings

Student Calendar

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Lost and Found

Please click on the following link to view a short slideshow of some of the items in our lost and found.

Link to Lost and Found


Bake Sale

Thank you to those who purchased or donated the Bake Sale that was held after the Winter Concert last month.  The PTO raised $345.  Your participation was greatly appreciated.


Kiwanis Food Drive

December 1 to December 7

Franklin will be collecting food and hygiene items for the annual Mid-Morning Kiwanis Food Drive.  Any canned and/or non-perishable food items or hygiene products that you can donate would be greatly appreciated.  Collection dates will be from Friday, December 1 to Thursday, December 7, 2023.  

NOTE:  You are encouraged to bring donations to the Holiday Fair as there will be designated boxes by classroom to collect these items.

PTO Holiday Shopping Fair

The PTO will be hosting a Holiday Shopping Fair for students on Friday, December 1, as detailed Below.  They are looking for donations for this event.  

Holiday Shopping Fair
Friday, December 1, 2023
5:00-7:00 pm

The Franklin Holiday Shopping Fair is coming to town. . .The Franklin PTCO will hold its annual Holiday Shopping Fair on Friday, December 1st, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at Franklin School.

Franklin students pay $3.00 cash for admission to the event, siblings and family are welcome to attend and enjoy activities for free. Franklin students are able to shop and wrap gifts for three loved ones. Parents/guardians are not allowed in the shopping area since the children are independently shopping for special gifts they
will give. We do have volunteer “elves” to help those that need assistance.

Donations Needed for the Holiday Fair

We are still accepting items that are NEW or QUALITY- MADE to be used as gifts for the Holiday Faire. Items may include, but are not limited to; picture frames, funky socks, slippers, coffee mugs, stress balls, coloring books,
jewelry, tools, decorations for the home, pet toys, candles, nail polish, toys for all ages, etc. Our little shoppers will be looking to pick out gifts for moms, dads, guardians, siblings, grandparents, and pets. Help us stock the faire! Items will be accepted through December 1st. A large box has been placed outside of the school office for your donations. 
If you have questions, would like to volunteer, or would like to make a monetary donation to the event please sign up at
Or contact Nicole at


Classroom Raffle Baskets

Link to the following information Flyer:  

Raffle Basket Flyer

First page of the PDF file: HolidayFaireRaffleBasketThemesforClassrooms

Hello from the Art Room!


Saturday, December 9, from 4-7pm, there will be an art exhibition at the Masonic Center! The Masonic Center is located at 204 Washington Ave.  This exhibition will feature artwork created by students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade currently in the OASD Art Education Program.  This exhibition is one of the most extensive displays of student art that the OASD presents to the public. Students who have artwork on display will receive a certificate at school prior to the show.  Make plans to attend to support the visual arts in the Oshkosh Area School District.  Link to the Event Flyer shown below:  Art Exhibit

Thank you!

Mrs. Mueller, Art Teacher

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Media Center News

October Edition of Common Sense Media has some great infomation on Safety, Privacy and Security for kids online:  Common Sense Media

October Edition of Common Sense Media


Mrs. Tiedt’s 

Parent Connection 

Dear Franklin Family,

I’ve created a mailbox for you to reach me by clicking on the following link: Mrs. Tiedt's Parent Referral Mailbox. You may also reach me via email: or by phone at 920-424-0078 ext 1528. 

I am in each classroom every other week teaching guidance lessons. Please ask your student about the website that I’ve created for them as well. Click here to check out Mrs. Tiedt's Counselor Connection Website.

This is a stressful time for everyone. Remember we are here for you. If you need anything, check out this Oshkosh Area Community Resources link

If your family is experiencing difficulty at home, I would like to provide additional support at school. I understand that you are not always able to share details and that’s okay. If your child is coming to school after a difficult night, morning, or weekend, please call me and just tell me to “Handle with Care.” Nothing else needs to be said or asked. This will let me know that your child may need extra time, patience, or help throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are all in this together. 

Check below to see what’s happening this month in guidance! 


Wishing you well, 

 Nicole Tiedt  

December 2023 

Counselor Connection

What’s Happening during Counselor Connection time this month?

In April a protective behaviors classroom lesson will be presented in your child’s classroom that includes information about child sexual abuse. Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students will learn they can say “NO” to confusing or uncomfortable touch, discuss strategies of self-protection, and learn they could never be at fault in cases of abuse.  They also will be encouraged to identify adults who they trust when they need help or protection. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will be encouraged to identify parents or other trusted adults they can talk to about relationships or if they are being teased, bullied or abused. Students will also be taught how to communicate assertively about how one is being treated and/or about what one needs. They will learn and practice refusal skills (clear "no" statement, walk away, repeat refusal) and most importantly learn they could never be at fault in cases of abuse. 

Safety can sometimes be difficult to talk about with children. We sometimes might be worried that talking about it might be more harmful than helpful. However, research shows that giving them the tools and having those open conversations can be helpful in the long run. Many times our kids might not share with us in concern of getting in trouble. If we keep the lines of communication open, we open the door for them to come to us. We encourage you to continue this conversation at home. 


  • I can give my child frequent hugs, kisses, smiles and eye contact

  • I can reinforce child protective behaviors like their right to “Say No”, “Try to Get Away” and “Tell a Grown Up Who They Trust.”

  • I can tell my child that nobody has the right to touch them or to have them touch another person in any way that makes them feel unsafe or confused.  They have the right to say no to anyone in these circumstances- no matter who that person is.  They also have the right to tell an adult they trust, no matter what.

  • I can let my child know that they can follow their instincts or red flags- if they are uncomfortable in any situation or with a certain person, they can ask for help or to not be left alone with that person.

  • I can let my child know that grown-ups are not always right and can also make mistakes.

  • I can let my child know that grown-ups are responsible for their own choices and mistakes- grown-up choices are never a child’s fault.

  • I can play “what if” games for all safety situations, including child abuse prevention (i.e. “what if….you lose a parent in a store, someone asks you to get into a car, someone asks you to touch their private parts, etc”).

  • I can become better acquainted with the adults my child spends time with (i.e. club leaders, neighbors, day care workers, babysitters, etc.).

Pets on School Property

Parents picking up their children after school must stay on the sidewalk with their pets and not come onto school property.  The district  does allow service animals and therapy animals.  Please refer to the District Policy for full details: 

Book:  Policy Manual

Section: 8000 Operations


Code: po8390

Status: Active

Adopted: November 18, 2015

Last Revised: November 18, 2020


Link to Board Policy




Families Families:

 We are excited to announce an improved field trip process for families. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, all field trip permission slips will be electronic and we are moving to cashless payments for field trips. This is a new process for our entire district and is meant to streamline and improve our service to families. 

Additional information will be shared by teachers as they plan for field trips. However, we want to highlight the following features: 

  • Our new online field trip process must be completed via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. 

  • All online transaction fees have been waived, including payments made by credit card, debit card, and checking/savings account. 

  • If a field trip is sponsored by the district, the cost of the trip is waived for families who are eligible and approved to receive free and reduced priced meals. (This will be communicated to impacted families.)

Our school secretary will be available to assist families as needed and if a parent/guardian is unable to complete the online field trip process, we can provide support in-person or over the phone. 

We look forward to providing your child(ren) with enriching field trip experiences that contribute to their educational journey. We appreciate your continued partnership and engagement!


Breakfast/Lunch Menus

Please click on the following link to view the lunch menus each month:

Food Service Information and Menus

Kids Races Stock Illustrations – 433 Kids Races Stock ...

Change of Clothing

Our younger students are strongly encouraged to keep a change of clothing in their backpack in the event they soil their clothes due to recess activities, lunch spills or health issues.  Due to space limitations, we do not keep extra clothing at school to accommodate these needs.  Parents/Guardians will be called to bring needed clothing.  In addition, parents of students who have ongoing bathroom accidents may need to be called to assist their student, if necessary.

Outdoor Recess/Personal Property at School

Franklin students will be going outside for recess, weather permitting.  Students are expected to participate in outdoor recess with their classmates and should come to school prepared to go outside with the proper clothing, shoes, etc. 

A doctor's note is required if your child will need to stay in for a length of time longer than 3-5 days.  Please keep in mind that toys, phones, electronic games, and sporting goods should be kept at home as we do not want to risk loss or damage to your personal property.

Professional Development Days

As indicated on the School Calendar at the link above, there will no school on the following dates due to Teacher Professional Development.  Please look carefully at the student calendar for all other days off as well.  The Profesional Development dates are  as follows:

December 8th

February 9th

March 8th 

April 12th

May 10th

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Birthday Treats/Invitations/and Books

Treats:  Edible birthday treats are not allowed per district policy. Students are allowed to bring a small, tangible birthday treat such as pencils, stickers, glowsticks, etc. 

Invitations:  Classroom teachers may not distribute birthday invitations to students unless they are going to an entire class.   If you are inviting kids from another class, that whole entire class would need to be invited too.  We prefer that birthday invitations get handled outside of school.

Birthday Books:  Each year our Franklin PTO raises money to purchase books that are kept in the Principal's office.  Students are invited to the Principal's office on their birthday to pick out a book to keep and take home.  Students with summer month birthdays are also included in this activity during the last months of school.