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School Day Schedule:

7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Lunch Schedule:

  • REGULAR SCHOOL DAY:         
    • Grades K-2 (11:40 to 12:00)     
    • Grades 3-5 (12:05 to 12:25
  • EARLY RELEASE DAY:                     
    • Grades K-2 (11:15 to 11:35)     
    • Grades 3-5 (11:40 to 12:00)

Our School:

Key to Learning...
Every Person
Every Day
Will Help Others
Feel Valued and Respected 
As We Learn and Grow Together


Jami R. Kohl              jami.kohl@oshkosh.k12.wi.us              (920) 424-0078 

Important Information

Principal's Message


Welcome to Franklin Elementary, Home of the Falcons!

Nestled in the neighborhood at 1401 W. 5th Avenue, Franklin Elementary School is very proud to offer unlimited opportunities for our K-5 students.  We work as a collaborative team with parents, staff, students and community members to provide our students with a safe and welcoming learning environment.  We strive at guiding students to discover and develop their gifts and talents to ensure they become responsible, productive, lifelong learners, who meet the challenges of a diverse global society.  We would love to have you stop by and see us in action.  

I am looking forward to a great school year!


Jami Kohl

Quick Facts

Enrollment: 416
Grades: K-5
School Colors: Red and White
School Mascot: Falcons

Onsite Before and After Care Services: YMCA

Programs: Title I School 



State Report Card

As part of the state accountability system, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) produces report cards for every district and school in Wisconsin. The School Report Card, using multiple measures of student learning, is based on data primarily from the previous school year. Please see our school's latest DPI School Report Card below. 

To learn more about the Oshkosh Area School District’s overall score for the 2018-2019 school year, CLICK HERE

Franklin Elementary - 2018-19 School Report Card

Franklin Elementary 2018-19 School Report Card

Recess Guidelines

Recess Jacket Guidelines

                Less than 50 degrees– STOP students must wear a jacket.

               50-59 degrees– SLOW DOWN and think– jacket choice (Can’t come back in)

              60 degrees and above– GO.  No jacket needed.

Indoor Recess Guidelines

               Less than 10 degrees or Zero Wind Chill or rain– STOP students stay inside

              10 degrees and above Zero Wind Chill– GO OUTSIDE


Franklin Traffic Plan


Franklin School Traffic Plan

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic in our front circle drive continues to be a safety concern at Franklin.  Many parents and staff have witnessed several “close call” accidents involving students and cars. In response to the requests to make our circle drive safer for everyone, we would like to remind everyone that the circle drive and parking lot do have limited access during certain times of the day. Please observe the sign at the school driveway entrance. 

We thank you for your patience in all traffic situations around Franklin.  Even with our careful planning and implementation of this plan, there will be times when congestion will reach high levels.  We appreciate your efforts to remain calm and patient on these inevitable glitches in your routine. Our ultimate goal is to maintain a safe environment for our children, a mission everyone agrees with.

The driver’s responsibility:
  • 7:15 to 8:15 AM and 2:15 to 3:15 PM the circle drive is closed to all traffic except the busses.  Vehicles are not to wait in the circle drive or parking lot to drop off/pick up their children.  Instead, drivers must drop students off safely on a nearby side street. Please drop off students curbside. Do not allow students to cross in front of traffic as they exit the car.

  • Set up a designated meeting location so that your child will know where to meet you and your vehicle.

Options for drop off and pick up:
  1. 5th Street to the west and east of circle drive - parking both sides

  2. Meadow Street - parking both sides except in front of school

  3. Eagle Street parking - both sides of street

  4. Mason Street - north (parking on both sides) and south of 5th - parking on east side

  5. 6th Street - parking on north and south side

  6. Huntington, students may cross 9th with OPD crossing guard

The student’s responsibility:
  • Students must remain on the sidewalk at all times when leaving the building.  Do not cross in front of a traffic area at any time.

  • Students who need to cross a street must do so at a designated crosswalk area and with the assistance of a school patrol or crossing guard.

  • Line up on back playground at designated location. Students may cut through the school starting at 7:30-7:45 AM  Enter Door #2, walk across the hallway and exit Door #4 to the playground. (Arrivals after 7:45 AM must enter through Door #1)

Other items:
  • Vehicles with disabled parking privileges can make their way to the designated parking spaces if they need to park and enter the building.  

  • If you are delivering a large/heavy item and need to park close to school, please do so during the times that the circle drive is open.

  • Walking or biking to and from school are always encouraged and healthy choices for those close by.

  • Car-pooling is encouraged to alleviate the number of cars visiting our site before and after school.

Thank You!

The Franklin Elementary Staff


Revised 11/13/19